SWI 416 Zero Slim LED Panel Double Side


                  SWI 416 Zero Slim LED Panel Double Side

                  (33mm width X 20mm thickness)

                  Functional features:                        

                     Zero Slim Led Panel Double Side.

                  Adopting aluminum alloy frames, very portable and elegant.

                  Four sides open mode with easy to change graphics.

                  Generally used indoors & outdoor.

                  Slim Led Lights, (So easy to maintain)

                   Four sides Open mode with 33mm in width and 20mm in thickness for Double Side.

                   Application Scope: it can be used in airport, banks, malls, shopping malls, super market, home, showrooms,                     restaurants,hotels, offices, health clubs, buildings, exhibition or shows projects etc. 
                   Made with Aluminum, Form board & Acrylic. so very long life.
                   Dimension, color and specification Sizes can be customized to your requirement.